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SessionMate Support Roadmap

A detailed list of what we will support in the future

Posted on:November 16, 2023
1 minutes

The following is a list of things we don’t support yet as we are still in the very early stages of the product. If you’re uncertain about our support please reach out to me on Twitter or LinkedIn and we can chat.

CLI not available for:

Platform recording support:

We’re launching with Android and iOS support. We do not support recording on the following platforms:

Unsupported deployment

You can replay a crash on Android emulator, Android real device and iOS simulator.

Interactions we don’t record

We currently don’t record the following user interactions and device changes, yet:

Network activity support

Currently, the only network activity we can record and later replay is HTTP requests. We cannot record:

You can still replay the users’ interactions that they took before the crash happened.

Interactions we cannot replay

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